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Warren Buffett Travels to China

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Executive Summary

This video talks about Warren Buffett's travel in Asia and some fun facts about him.

Buffett's first international investment was in 2006 in China when a newly opened factory owner invited him to buy his business. The owner wanted to prepare the company long after their leadership has ended. They wanted to make it worthwhile.

The deal was wrapped up in a number of days and announced afterwards. it was a surprise for everyone. Adding to the surprise is the owner convinced Buffett to visit China by saying, "Anyone who buys a tomato at the market checks and touches to see if the tomato is good. This is a big tomato in China. Don't you want to check it?"

It wouldn't be surprising if 10 years from now, China would be one of the leaders in the world market. The businesses there are getting better. In fact, the factory that Buffett invested in has been producing great products, great income, and great sales. The customers are giving a positive feedback that encourages factory workers to even work better.

Aitken Waltimer organized Buffett's trip to China.

In south Korea, the mayor personally escorted Buffett until the customs and a marching band welcomed him as he exited the customs. He was more than able to get by even if he didn't speak their languages. Thank God for translators.

On trips, Buffett lets his guard down. In his wallet, he keeps only about $600, a Mcdonald's card where he eats for free, a Johnny Rockets card, and a few credit cards. He also his grandchildren's photos and his driver's license.

Buffett's success has come a long way already, and it is believed that he will make more in the years to come.