Getting Started

What's the purpose of this site?

To teach you how to invest exactly like Warren Buffett.

Where should I start?

Step 1: Start with the video courses on how to invest in stocks

These lessons are the essence of the entire site. You'll want to start here because everything is taught in order from the ground up. This tutorial series is broken-down into three courses which house a total of 35 lessons. Learn these lessons and you'll be off to a great start!

Step 2: Subscribe to our Investor's Podcast: Car = Classroom

Everyday, the typical American spends 1 hour driving to work. Instead of potentially wasting that valuable time, turn your car into a learning labratory. By clicking on the link above, you'll be able to subscribe to our Podcast and learn more Warren Buffett investing techniques while waiting in that annoying traffic.

Step 3: Study the most highly recommended Books by Warren Buffett

By following the link above, you'll get an overview of the books that Buffett attributes to his success in the stock market.

Why make all these videos

Investing can be really confusing. It almost seems like knowledgeable investors like to withhold information from the masses. It’s time a website fixed that. Buffett’s Books is committed to keeping a completely free website for aspiring investors to learn the craft of asset valuation.